Sora Aoi in Korean Drama

Famous Japanese AV star Sora Aoi will be visiting Korea on 5th May to promote her maiden Korean drama Korean Classroom. Note that unlike her previous AV (adult video) works, this is strictly a fully-clothed drama as she continues to work hard to distance herself from the AV field.

The production of Korean Classroom completed filming last July (2008) and will soon be showing on local cable channels in May.Besides Sora Aoi, AV stars Mihiro (Mihiro Taniguchi) and Rio (Tina Yuzuki) will also star in this 4 episode drama series which is about 3 Japanese students visiting Korea and falling for some local men. Each of them will star in 1 episode while the final episode will feature the 3 of them together. The impending broadcast of Korean Classroom will mark Sora Aoi’s official entry into the Korean entertainment industry and she will also be appearing on TVN’s Lee Young Ja’s Real Talk Show Taxi, Falling in love Korea and other variety shows to promote her drama after her arrival.

Sora Aoi last made headlines in Korea after writing that she likes MC Mong and was a big fan of him on her blog. There was even a video of her singing a line or 2 of MC Mong’s I Feel Crazy.


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