Kim So-eun embraces adulthood

Kim So-eun (born 6 Sept, 1989) who has enjoyed great success after appearing on the hit drama Boys Before Flowers turns 20 this year! In an article in sidusHQ’s Magazine [ i(ai) ], Kim talks about her transition from teenager to adulthood. A Bar Mitzvah of sorts if you will.

Clutching 20 roses – to represent a year for each rose, Kim says “I really do not know if I become an adult this year. My parents are afraid to take a back seat (when it comes to making decisions) but I pray it will be thrilling. I feel liberated.”

When asked what she wants as a gift, Kim replied “I want to receive a camera. I like photography very much.”

Kim also expressed that she would like to travel to Greece. She would also like to go to Egypt and is interested in ancient civilizations. “I’ve only seen pyramids in photo books. I would like to see pyramids for real and touch them.”

Kim talked briefly about her current projects i.e. the movie 4th Period Murder Mystery and up and coming KBS drama The Man Who Can’t Get Married. She asked her fans for their support, love and to cheer her on.

Kim will also be active at the of Republic of Korea International Youth Film Festival (3 – 6 June) as she has been appointed an ambassador at the event.


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