New CF with Kim Hyun Joong

SS5o1 Kim Hyun Joong (23) and Park Shin Hye (19) filming for Coke Cola’s upcoming product Dynamic.

They have spend 2 days filming for a 30sec CF. It was said to be an awkward filming as this is the first time that the 2 are working together. And being on their 1st collaboration, they have to act the roles as couples.

This being said, Coke Cola’s Dynamic CF will be Kim Hyun Joong’s 5th CF after his filming of drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. He also said, “I received the newcomer award as a singer (SS501), and then I get to act in a drama for the first time and get much populariy, the kind of luck that I could not imagine just keep coming.”

Currently, Kim Hyun Joong has been back at practice in preparation of a release of a new album in July-August. He revealed that he wished to move out to Asian and world stage in the future. And Park Hye Shin is currently preparing for a new mini series. She is also taking singing lessons.

credit: K Bites

WOW!!!! They are about too kiss. XD


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