Netizens Vs 2NE1

2NE1 vs Netizens. Past photo comparisons and Music Video Plagiarism.

With the newly debuted song FIRE, YG’s newest Girl group has gained alot of attention. However along with the good praises from fans comes negative remarks from some netizens.

Frst, main vocalist Bom (Park Bom) is being accused of plastic surgery since netizens claim she looks different as compared to Anystar with (Lee Hyori and Lee Junki) and Forever with U (with Big Bang).

Netizens’ responses:

* “She looks prettier now anyhow.”
* “Before plastic surgery – charming face. After plastic surgery – celebrity face”
* “You guys know that thick makeup makes your face looks different?”
* “People’s faces changes throughout their lives. What makes it that your face can’t change just because you’re an entertainer? ㅡ.ㅡ”
* “Whether she went for plastic surgery or not, her voice is really charming”
* “She makes Lee Hyori looks old”
* “She has the same facial expression throughout their whole MV”
* “She has just grown older”
* “You guys have to do this to every entertainer. I find it childish”
* “She is pretty, but the least charming out of 2NE1. I have no idea why too.


2NE1’s Space version of the song FIRE is also being accused of plagiarizing. Netizens are comparing the similar concepts between the FIRE music video and M.I.A’s ‘Jimmy’ Music video.



Netizens say:

* “Looks like plagiarism to me. The scenes look similar”
* “The person who was able to go dig out this MV and photos for comparison is more power than the comparison itself”
* “To say the truth, this is like the first time they do this in our country. This is not counted as plagiarism”
* “I thought they photos gave me a more Chakra feel than M.I.A feel”
* “I’m sorry but this don’t interest me”
* “I guess YG didn’t see it this way”
* “The MV has no creation, just plagiarisms”
* “It is just that small part to the MV, it’s called plagiarism?”
* “They really do look alike, the scenes”

source: kbites

Oh no…. Netizen again…. Poor 2NE1


2 Responses

  1. The Netizens are really crazy..

  2. Fight the power 2ne1

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