New Super junior SOng is HOT!

Hold on. Wait a second! Super Junior releases a song…and I actually like it?!

Seriously, what is the world coming to?

Thanks to the unreliable people at the SM agency, “It’s You” (너라고) was “leaked”–and I use the term loosely–for all of us to enjoy. I guess when they said Super Junior would be going for a more adult and sexy concept, they were being totally serious…the song gives me a real Ne-Yo vibe. I think that you ELFs will be happy with it and everyone else who thinks Super Junior is a complete and utter joke, like myself, will be pleasantly surprised.


5 Responses

  1. erm..i’m sorry but can you delete the song.. was already leaked, but i think posted it before the official date one is still wrong.. i just want to see suju boys happy with their hard work.. :/

  2. The picture above looked like Shinee’s album cover..

  3. i think u right…coz this new song is really hot n sungmin & kangin new hairstyle make their look more sexy..n matured

  4. yea u right!!
    suju r so hot!!

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