2PM Nichkhun “If i got enlisted, then all I could do was to say ‘Goodbye’


Nichkhun of popular idol group 2PM revealed his feeling of the time he had to go back to Thailand to report for the draft.

All other 2PM members also said that they were stunned with the fact that they might not see Nichkhun for a long time.

Nichkhun flew back to Thailand in March to report for the draft for compulsory military service. However, he was exempted from enlistment as his district where he resides got enough voluntary draftee already.

At the time, Nickhun’s conscription became a hot topic in Korea.

He expressed he was very much anxious while waiting for the result. “I was so nervous while waiting for my turn to draw the red/black card thinking what would I do next if I had to serve the army,” Nichkhun revealed.

When asked what he would do if he got enlisted? Nichkhun laughed and said “I just have to say ‘GOOD BYE’ and leave”.

“If I was to serve the army, I would do my best for the military duties. If I was exempted then I would also continue to work hard here,” He added.
Nickhun intends to point out that either being enlisted or exempted is not a big deal.

“But I was glad and happy that I was exempted as I got to see my 2PM members again,” Nichkhun said with smile.

The other six members were all relieved and happy with Nichkhun’s exemption.

Recalling the situation, 2PM leader Jaebeom said with excitement “I was frantic just thinking of not having Nichkhun”.


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