[Interview] Friday Magazine Big Bang

big bang2

– You have already visited Japan for few times, how do you think about Japan?

GD: Japanese fans are very courteous, so they don’t really request much from us in the beginning. However, recently everybody has started to request us “how nice if we can take photo together”. Due to the influence of hallyu, the age level of our fans seems to be relatively high. Therefore, we are working hard on expanding of the age level, and let more people come to listen to our songs.

– Although you are the leader during working, but how is the relationship between everyone in private?

GD: When everyone is around, Sol is just like the mother in the group, not only his thinking but he has a calm personality, also he is someone that can take good care of the others. When the other members are fooling around or naughty, he can even take good care of someone especially like TOP who just like a kid.

[i]- So what type of girl that you all like?

GD: The girl who has her own ideological is the best. I like those girls who are pure. I have watched all the苍井优’s movies, I like ‘HULA GIRL’ the most among the movies.

Sol: For me, I like someone who can understand me, a good person (smile)

– Other members let’s say something too.

VI: I aim to become the group that can be the good example for other artists.

D-lite: I wish that we can be active individually in either variety shows or musical theater in Japan, just like in Korea.

TOP: I hope everyone will go to watch the ‘IRIS’ that I have participated, the drama that is going to be aired in this fall. Not long ago, I have drunk red wine together with Lee Byung Hyun sunbae, another actor in the drama.

Source: mican@VIPZ/bigbangfamily
Translation: ming^ming@soompi (chi to eng)

One interesting interview!


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