Lee Min Ho’s Interview for Vogue Girl

lee min ho

Vogue Girl met with Lee Min Ho for an interview along with a photo shoot in London, England.

Vogue Girl (VG): Your blood type is A. (Type As) abide well by social norms, have a timid side, and are perfectionists. Is your personality similar to that? Is it not?
Lee Min Ho (LMH): My personality is not like a type A. First of all, I can’t become a perfectionist, I’m not shy, and I don’t maintain social norms well either (laughter). Neither am I that precise.

VG: Are you a morning person or an owl-like night person ?
LMH: I’m like an owl. To the extent that the oriental medicine doctor said that my physical constitution doesn’t allow me to use energy in the daytime. Although due to my schedule, there have been occasions recently that make me a morning person.

VG: What does the owl Lee Min Ho usually do at night?
LMH: It’s not possible now, but before I’d go out with friends to eat good food or play [computer] games at home.

VG: If some time frees up in the middle of the afternoon, do you do outdoor activities like basketball or soccer or play games indoors?
LMH: It depends on [my] condition. I like sports so if [my] condition’s good I guess I’d play basketball or soccer but if it seems bothersome, I play games or watch movies. If I were to choose now…, I like activities I can do at home.

VG: Which acting style would you like to adopt – Choi Min Sik’s way of melting into heartbreaking, wretched characters or Song Kang Ho’s way of making the character his own to the point that it’s provoking/detestable.
LMH: I think it’d be half-half? If [I] put in effort to melt into the character, wouldn’t it become my own? Even if I think I’m wholly true to the character, I think my [own] image would still appear. Because I’m human.

VG: If you were to choose a movie to dissolve stress, which would you watch between a blockbuster action movie, mystery crime thriller, and a slapstick comedy?
LMH: Mysteries or suspense are what I like but if it was to relieve stress, it’d likely be a blockbuster movie.

VG: Then what’s the most recent film you’ve seen?
LMH: It’s been too long since I’ve been to a movie theatre. Since A Frozen Flower was the last film I saw. I watched with my manager and stylist. The audience consisted only of us three. I was origally going to go with just my manager, but if it had been so, it would have caused big trouble from the embarrassment.

VG: What if an offer for a character like Zo In Sung’s in A Frozen Flower came in?
LMH: I think it would be a bit difficult right now. Although I think I could consider it after some time goes by and I gain experience.

VG: Which is the movie you’ve thought of seeing out between the recent topics of conversation – director Park Chan Wook’s Thirst or Bong Joon Ho’s Mother.
LMH: If I were to choose just one out of the two people, will I…, be ok (laughter)? I think I’m on the side of Thirst.

VG: They say gatherings between close friends are divided by two types (of people) – those who liven up the atmosphere by being loud and making people laugh and in contrast, those who see the appropriate, opportune responses and laugh. Which side are you on?
LMH: It varies widely depending on the circumstance. With my friends from middle school or high school, I’m the former, but as I began acting and entered [that] social life, I’ve realized that there are times when it’s necessary to be the latter. Now I’m almost closer to the latter.

VG: Is the type of opposite sex that catches your eye like Gianna Jun or Song Hye Kyo? Or like Kim Tae Hee?
LMH: I’ve said a few times before, but Song Hye Kyo’s style.

VG: If a girl who is your ideal type appears in front of your eyes, do you just look ahead and make a move or do you send telepathy while staying away and make her approach (you).
LMH: I think I’d send telepathy first. It’s good to have be cautious in love.

VG: Where would you proceed to – a gathering with close friends that you haven’t seen in a long while or an urgent (sudden) summons from your girlfriend?
LMH: Barring if you have a girlfriend that you can’t live without seeing even for one day, wouldn’t you usually go to a friends gathering where you can see many people at once? When I’m busy like I am these days, I particularly need to and miss meeting up with friends.

VG: Would you prefer Tokyo, Japan or Paris, France if you were to leave on a trip alone?
LMH: Paris, France, since I’ve never been.

VG: Is the weather you like rainy or sunny?
LMH: It’s the cloudy weather preceding rainfall. I can’t stand when it’s hot because of the bright sun, and I don’t like rainy days because it’s damp. That’s why I also like the cool season of autumn.

VG: Is your head clearer at 2pm or 2am?
LMH: I’m like an owl, so 2am.

VG: Which musical artist are you most curious about nowadays, between Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and Kiha & the Faces (장기하와 얼글들)?
LMH: Kiha & the Faces. They’re really fascinating. There was a time I watched a video clip [of them] and they really caught my eye.

VG: Do you tend to listen to a song you like continually for several months or do you diligently check for new song updates?
LMH: I listen to a song I like on repeat but I get sick of it quickly. I listen to it until I get sick of it. Just like how I listened to SNSD’s “Gee” too much until a bit ago, which is why my answer to the previous question was Kiha & the Faces.

VG: Are the shoes you enjoy wearing white-as-new hightops or faded sneakers?
LMH: Faded sneakers, although fans and the people around me think that I’d wear white hightops a lot.

VG: In your closet, are there more black jeans or blue jeans?
LMH: Black jeans. Not only jeans but I mostly wear only the colours black, white, and grey.

VG: When you think of the words, “cool guy”, does George Clooney wearing a fitted suit come to mind or Johnny Depp in vintage jeans and a hat come to mind?
LMH: Men are [for] suits. Therefore, George Clooney.

VG: After trying it out directly, which did you feel “that suits me surprisingly well” about between Gu Jun Pyo’s curly hair and the dark, smoky eye make-up in the beer CF?
LMH: Not so much that it suited me well but I’ve recently gained an interest in new styles such as smoky eye make-up. And it was a fun experience to film with that appearance.

VG: Tonight, if you could just see one production, what would you choose between a musical or a play?
LMH: I think I’d see a play. I haven’t been able to go often since the beginning of Boys Over Flowers. The last [theatrical] production I saw was From the Bottom starring Kim Su Ro sunbae (senior) in the middle of filming [BOF].

VG: Is the sport you like to watch, soccer or baseball?
LMH: Soccer. I played when I was young, you see. For some reason, if there’s a sport that men like, I think they dislike the [sport] matches that oppose it.

VG: Which event are you confident in between the 100 metre dash and a long distance race.
LMH: 100m dash. I can’t run with perseverance.

VG: Does your sense of humour lean towards real variety show Infinity Challenge or comedy show Gag Concert?
LMH: Real variety. In the past, I had fun watching the show Survivor, where the last person that remains on a remoted island wins.

VG: In your opinion, is the best harmony between ‘beer and chicken’ or ’soju and pork belly’?
LMH: [This is] difficult…(laughter). Alcohol-wise, I like beer but I like pork belly way better so [my answer] would be soju and pork belly. I’m not good at drinking alcohol. Four shots of soju is my limit.

VG: Do you prefer the playing of an electronic guitar or an acoustic guitar?
LMH: Acoustic guitar.

VG: Which animal would you like to raise as a pet – a dog or a cat?
LMH: I prefer dogs but these days I don’t have time to take care of one so I think it might be ok to raise a cat that doesn’t feel loneliness.

VG: If you come across a baby or an animal on the street, do you tend to say something or touch it, or do you just pass by?
LMH: It depends on the situation. In general if I see a baby, I tend to affectionately touch its cheek or foot.

VG: When shopping, do you make comparisons multiple times or purchase immediately if it appeals to you?
LMH: I tend to buy as soon as soon as it catches my eye.

VG: When sleeping, do you sleep lying on your side or on your stomach?
LMH: I sleep lying on my side or my stomach. I sleep most often on my side, but don’t sleep lying properly on my back.

VG: Which do you remember better – your friends’ phone numbers or movie leading actors’ names?
LMH: Movie leads’ names.

VG: Do you like white rice or do you like mixed rice?
LMH: White rice. The reason being that it just tastes better. Meat side dishes suit it best.

VG: Do you like to be seated in a corner far from the entrance of a cafe or by a window?

LMH: A corner seat in a quiet space. That was comfortable from a while ago.

VG: Do you drink quietly while sitting at a club or do you enjoy dancing on the floor?
LMH: As I drink a little bit of alcohol, I dance timidly (laughter).

VG: If there’s something like a missing button, loose thread, or small stain does it consume your nerves the entire day or do you forget about it?
LMH: It completely consumes my nerves.

VG: On a day when the forecast calls for rain, do you make sure to take an umbrella when you leave or do you just go out?
LMH: I don’t take an umbrella.

VG: Do you write a journal or diary?
LMH: No.

VG: Do you suppress your tears if possible or do you cry when you feel like it?
LMH: I suppress [them].

VG: Is your outlook on life one that sets plans (for the future) to abide by or is it happily living a full life in the present?
LMH: I’m devoted to today. I don’t really think about tomorrow and I tend to leave things to flow [naturally]. That’s why I need people around me that set up long-run plans and guide me all the more. Everything tends to be impromptu. Even with trips I like to leave by suddenly deciding, “Let’s go!”, rather than scheduling [ahead of time].

VG: If possible, would you want to stay in your twenties, or do you think it’d be nice to quickly go into your thirties?
LMH: I want to remain in my twenties. Forever. Continually.

Vogue Girl (VG): In the meanwhile, you’ve become more widely known as Boys Over Flowers‘ Gu Jun Pyo rather than by your own name, Lee Min Ho. As an actor, you’re going to have to bid farewell to this name; have you already began this process internally? Or is it too early for your heart to leave behind Gu Jun Pyo?
Lee Min Ho (LMH): I didn’t particularly think that I have to part with it; the process began quickly without me realizing it. You see, I’ve been doing other work without a break after completing Boys Over Flowers. Without time to even feel the aftereffect of Gu Jun Pyo, [the character] is becoming distant.

VG: There’s tremendous discussion on your every action. Through many articles and rumours, (your fans) have been exposed to much speculation on everything beginning from your love life. You must have definitely been scarred. By any chance have you – in a short time – (adapted) a coping method to minimize the scars or shock? Ignore it? Be understanding? Be resigned to it? Be sympathetic?
LMH: I think it’s none of [the above]. Even though I try to ignore it, I’m still hurt to an extent; then I try to be understanding, but it’s incomprehensible (laughter); if I decide to resign myself [to the rumours], they still get on my nerves; with no need for further explanation, I think it’ll be impossible to sympathize. I just get angry, but forget about it because I’m simple-minded; my anger rises when I remember it again and then calms down… That’s what it’s been like.

VG: Although it’s evening here in London, it’s 6am in Korea yet you just received a prank call. It must be annoying when getting these inconsiderate calls.
LMH: There’s a lot of truly unique people from those who prank call. As well as people who are fun[ny]. I don’t answer with hostility because they [could be] fans. First I pick up the call and get a rough idea of the situation; after I hang up, I save the number as spam so that I don’t answer next time. These days prank calls are done so intelligently that I fall for them often. During the shoot earlier, I got a call saying, “It’s me, Eun Hye!” Since I actually have a friend named Eun Hye within my network I thought it was her, but it was a prank call. It’s like that.

VG: Do you directly look up reviews or article comments about (Boys Before Flowers or yourself)?
LMH: I don’t look too much. Because of the recent Benz rumour I read a little and there really were so many negative comments. It was the first time I saw that many. I got a lot of scars too. If it was really something I did (buy the car), I would have agreed and reflected over my mistake. But I was hurt that there were such negative comments attached to an article written based on presumption.

VG: You seem to handle the explosive interest quite well, not feeling too burdened.
LMH: It’s not as burdensome as one would think. But there are times when I’m surprised. Really trivial matters are publicized and become news articles. That’s burdensome.

VG: Some people say the way for Lee Min Ho to survive is to shed the Gu Jun Pyo image as soon as possible, while others say that your next project should be a lovelier one that shows off Gu Jun Pyo’s charm. Which way are you more inclined to?
LMH: Both are the same. If I suddenly shed Gu Jun Pyo and take on a completely different role, I think it would feel strange and unfamiliar to viewers. Because [Gu Jun Pyo] was such a strong image. But then if I did a similar role, I suppose people would say that there’s no change. There’s nothing I can do either way. I think I’ll have to shed it progressively.

VG: Looking back at the Gu Jun Pyo that Lee Min Ho portrayed calmly in the midst of filming with barely enough time to breathe, how do you feel?
LMH: There’s so many parts that were lacking. Every moment. Because it was a drama that was filmed with time chasing us, I think there was insufficient time to adequately investigate and grasp the character. I think the great response [from viewers] was because of the good character Gu Jun Pyo, and they were easy on me since I’m a rookie actor.

VG: As Lee Min Ho, an actor in your twenties, are you satisfied with your face, voice, and other parts of your body? And if there’s a part you’re dissatisfied with…..?
LMH: Yes. I’m satisfied. But I’d like it if my voice was a bit deeper. There are times when a slightly nasal sound comes out, so that’s a bit dissatisfying.

VG: As an actor, is there another actor’s appearance that you covet?
LMH: I like the appearance of someone who can clearly show both a face of virtue and a face of evil. Which actor can do that? Ah~ I can’t remember. (Thinks for awhile) Forget it. This. Even if I covet it, I can ‘only’ covet it. Then…. just…. there is none (laughs)!

VG: Besides for getting extremely famous from the success of the drama, what’s the happiest aspect of your life these days?
LMH: Experiencing many things that I’ve wondered if I’d ever be able to do in life. Also that my parents are happy. I’m content when I see my mother’s smiling face. She was happy for me when I first said I’m pursuing acting, and she’s happy just to see me on TV.

VG: If you have one, what’s your clearest and nearest goal at the moment?
LMH: To show a good image with a good project. In May, I’ll complete the schedule that was a result of Boys Over Flowers. In June, I’ll get some personal time that I haven’t been able to have. The plan is to discuss my next production after that.

VG: How would you like your twenties to be remembered?
LMH: I’d like it to be the busiest time of my life. I want to do lots of productions and lots of work. I want to be remembered as Lee Min Ho who lived diligently and worked hard.

Source: Daum TVzone
Translation By: KPculture

Very interesting Lee Min Ho


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