2PM’s Nichkhun is emerging as a Hallyu star on Youtube


Idol group 2pm’s member Nichkhun (Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul) is emerging as a Hallyu star in Youtube.

The Thai and English subbed version of the show Mnet Scandal that was broadcasted on the 20th is gaining immense popularity on Youtube. International netizens have raised questions such as, “who is Khun?” and “Is he a singer? and in which country?” which led to rising interest in Khun. There are even versions on the internet of Khun’s cuts alone; his girlfriend’s parts were deleted.

Mnet Scandal, Notting Hill’s Korean version reality show, the love story of popular star Nichkhun and normal civilian girlfriend Kim Min Sun will have go on fun, although normal, dates for one week.

Khun expressed, “although we dated for the show, it was a fun and valuable experience dating a Korean girl. Normally, I’m the type that would rather give to my girlfriend instead of receiving from her, but since I had a lot of activities and many fans that recognized me, I’m apologetic that I couldn’t fully take care of her.”

The lucky protagonist, Kim Min Sun, who had a fun date with Khun, brightly revealed, “since he is a celebrity, I wondered what dating him would be like but he is very sweet, sensible and manly and meeting him was very pleasant. It’s a pity that others cannot see that side of him on TV.”

The 2nd episode of Mnet Scandal will be shown at 11 pm on the 27th (wednesday), which will consist of Khun personally playing the piano and singing a song for his girlfriend on a boat ride, her proud introduction of him to her friends, as well as Khun’s introduction of her on stage to the audience.

Credits: Kor-Eng by natnatnatz@Madam2pmSubs, Coordinator Cassina

Great for him!


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