KARA holds their first ever mini-concert


Idol group KARA who gained much popularity through <Pretty Girl> and <Honey> will be holding their first ever mini-concert since their debut last 2007.

They will be holding a 70-90 minute concert in the MTV studio on May 30, at 5:30 in the afternoon as part of their newest reality program, MTV’s KARA’s MetaFriends. The lucky participants of the program will be part of this concert as well, as they will be introduced as KARA’s friends at this event. The lucky five fans had to overcome the odds 100:1 to be able to become KARA’s friend.

The 5 members of KARA will be singing around 7-8 songs together. Not only will there be the group performances, but the individual members will be able to showcase their talents as Nicole is set to sing Park Jung Hyun’s <Secret> while Gyuri will be playing the piano and singing a ballad version of <Pretty Girl>.

This episode of MetaFriends is scheduled to be broadcasted on July 7, 2009, at 4pm on MTV.

thanks to anne@KARAholic
translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic.


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