Kim Bum drops movie 71

Kim Bum has decided to drop his movie ’71’. Earlier this year, Kim Bum along with Big Bang’s Seung-ri and Yoo Seung Ho was reported to have been cast in the war movie.

’71’ relates the story of seventy-one South Korean trainee soldiers who valiantly fought the war on the morning of 10 August, 1950 against the North Korean army. It was planned that Kim Bum would play their commander Park Ha Seob.

Kim Bum decided to drop the movie because of his tight shooting schedule. He will also be in the SBS drama Dream and had to make an emergency decision to drop ’71’ due to a clash in his shooting schedule. The current prime time saguek drama Ja Myung-go will see an early exit due to low ratings. This pushes up the shooting schedule of Dream, which will begin this June.

Kim Bum is now learning two kinds of martial arts in preparation for his role in the drama Dream. He plays a struggling mixed martial arts athlete, who meets a hot-shot sports agent (Joo Jin-moo) in the drama.

Source: Osen
Credit: Kpopp

aww! too bad he has to cancel 71! but no worries, atleast he still has other drama/movie plans.


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  1. hahahaah
    your funny

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