Won Bin for Vogue

Movie director Bong Joon Ho and star actor Won Bin from the film Mother work together one more time in front of a camera, this time for fashion magazine Vogue Korea. The two people work off each other as Bong Joon Ho acts as a paparazzi who tries to capture the raw charm of a young adolescent (Won Bin) from start to finish. One interesting point in this shoot is that Won Bin wore clothes that were designated for his role, but Director Bong wore his own clothes to give a more real feel.

During an interview during the shoot Won Bin explained “In real life, I feel that in myself, I have no specific charisma, therefore I lack self confidence. But when I wear a character’s clothes and act the part that I’m playing, I can really bring an impressive person to life.” On his mother and the movie Mother , “My mother doesn’t think that me being an actor is a great thing and she’s not very curious about it. To her, I’m just her youngest son (can you believe he’s already 31?). Through the movie Mother , I can’t help but feel like this is going to be a new turning point in my acting career.”

In other Won Bin related news, Won Bin was described as one of the actors who had the best face but the worst style. Case in point:

source: coolsmurf



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