Nichkhun speaks informal to JYP


When Nichkhun was praised that his Korean is way better now he argued “No, not yet” and revealed his funny mistake of using improper speech with his boss Park Jin Young recently.

A 2PM member said “When we were recording our 2nd album (2:00PM Time For Change), we spent most of the day in the recording studio with Park Jin Young. There was one time that Nichkhun wanted to brighten up the intense atmosphere. He then asked Park Jin Young ‘Did you eat?’ (informal) and all members burst into laugh.” They said there was no reaction from Park Jin Young saying “He just laughed because he knew and understood Nichkhun”.

Even though that situation occurred, it’s clearly that Nichkhun’s Korean skill has been improved after 9 months from his debut. Nichkhun credited his fast improvement to all the variety shows he was invited to.

Since two members of 2PM are from abroad, Taecyeon who can speak both Korean and English fluetnly usually help these two translate when they don’t understand.

Taecyeon explained “Previously, Jaebeom and Nichkhun might need my help but now they don’t need my translation.” He continues “One day, I went to a variety show with Nichkhun and there was a difficult word so I was trying to describe it to Khun. But Khun said instantly “I got it already” which made me surprised.

2PM debut with the song 10 out of 10 last year and made a strong come back with single Again & Again which won no.1 title for 3 weeks in a row from various public and cable broadcasting.

Source: Seoul NTN
Credit : Korean – Thai by, Thai-Eng by

He is so funny~


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