Three More Dramas for Telecinema

For the two country Telecinema collection of mini-dramas, here are a couple synopses for your future reference. As we all know TVXQ / DBSK’s Jaejoong will star in ‘Heaven’s Postman’ and Big Bang’s Seungri and TOP in ’19,’ so below are details to the rest of the dramas.

My Love, Ugly Duckling or The Relationship Between the Face, Heart, and Love (얼굴과 마음과 사랑의 관계) is directed by Lee Jang Soo (Love Story at Harvard, Stairway to Heaven) and written by Ooishi Shizuka (First Love). The story surrounds Kang Tae Poong, played by Kang Ji Hwan. He’s a superficial/shallow architect, only looking at women for their sexy appearance (typical guy), coincidentally, he ends up having something happen to his precious eyesight. As a side effect, his vision is altered and becomes attracted to an unattractive magazine writer, Wang So Joong, played by Lee Ji Ah. Showing of her range of acting, Lee Ji Ah will play both the dual roles of pretty and ugly.

In Triangle (트라이앵글), Lee Soo-kyung, Ahn Jae Wook, and Kang Hye Jung end up in a complicated love triangle. Directed by Ji Young-soo (Oh Pil-seung, Bong Soon-young) and written by Ozaki Masaya, in this drama Ahn Jae Wook plays the part of a CEO of an art exhibition company and he’s being pursued by a detective who suspects him of robbing a bank. Lee Soo Kyung is also woven into the story as a wealthy widow with a rather expensive art collection. It’s described as a thriller and company, so I don’t know how exactly that’s going to work out.

After the Wedding (결혼식후에), directed by Kim Yoon Chul (My Name is Kim Sam Soon / My Lovely Samsoon) and written by Yokota Rie, is a story about six middle-aged college friends, who reunite at a wedding and discover a shocking revelation… one of the friends had a daughter and the father is one of the friends at the wedding! The cast includes Ye Ji Won, Bae Soo Bin, Shin Sung Woo, and Go Ah Sung.

credits: allkpop

can’t wait for heaven’s postman too…!!!i wonder how Jaejoong will carry his role….
it will be great to see him in a drama..
“19” seems to be a great drama too… i bet their dramas will be popular.. :


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