12 Days Into Debut Single ‘FIRE’ Makes 200 Million Won


2NE1 had released their single (Fire) on the 6th and just after 12 days have made sales records of over a hundred million won. Their senior group, Big Bang, who are in the same label as them have recently made over 1 billion won in sales with 3 CM songs and so is being compared to that. In the singing industry it can be as far as to coin them as “the million won siblings”. In one music portal site the party stated “Until the 17th 2NE1’s sales were calculated to be over 2 million won. When they had finally appeared on their first ever music program on the 17th the sales had went up overwhelmingly.”

This result has come from SK Telecom’s sound source service that first changed MLB system’s sales into consumer price and then into the total market scale. The surprising thing about it is that just after one appearance on a program the outcome had increased a lot. On the 17th, the only program 2NE1 appeared on was the SBS music program . When 2NE1 had appeared on stage on the program the viewer’s rating had skyrocketed into 14.9% (according to AGB Media).

Their record label, YG Entertainment’s party states “The strategy of participating in a famous commericial before their debut to get to know them had a strong effect.”

2NE1 consists of Park Bom, Sandara Park, Gong Minji, and CL who are planning to release a mini album and start their activities in the beginning of next month.

Credit: DC2NE1 + yG_rAcE @ YGLadies

Wow! Congrate to them! Their song FIRE is one hot song!


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