“Again & Again” First winning…and Nuna’s favorite dorkiness


Donga: 2 PM is an idol group who has grown up from boys to men in their recent popular second mini album “Time for change”.

“Our first album showed our naughty boy image, but the latest one has a stronger concept of men’s sad love story and the emotional and manly dance.”

The boys have a different personality comparing to other idol groups in the biz that normally focus on their handsome and elegant appearance. After their debut, they appeared on “Idol Army Season 3”, a program on MBC Cable Channel where viewers have seen them with no make-up faces, including their hilarious and embarrassed looks such as wearing stocking on their heads (Jaeboem and Chansung).

“Actually, if we think about the group’s image, it is not the thing that singers who debut only 4 months would do, right? Fortunately, the fans love our natural personality and not pretentiousness.”

Their fans also showed their love to the boys in special ways just like the unique style of 2PM. Their fans have average age of around 20s which is the bigger group than young teenagers.

As soon as, 2PM single won the first rank award in music chart, the fan emphasized their success by saying “if they won the first rank, I would dance Again& Again at Myongdong and post in UCC or I would hang sign Again & Again, 1st rank on my neck when I go on a field trip.”

When their beloved 2PM won the awarded, they did as they’ve said and post their pictures on UCC web board as evidence for other fans.

2PM’s dream to won the first rank has already succeeded. However, it would be better if they have a chance to work abroad; Japan or the US like their fellow girl group, Wonder Girls. But they declined that “this dream has a long way to reach”. “Our current goal is to gain more popularity and people could recognize faces of all the members.”

At the end of this interview, 2PM expressed that they have a pressure from the word “popularity,” and said that they are only a new face singer group that is only at the starting.

Our group has not yet “a popular” idol group. The senior Super Junior has gained more popularity than us.

Credit : Korean – Thai by Tik@2pm-online.com, Thai-Eng by Mimp@2pm-online.com


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