Kara, Predicting another success with new single, “Same Heart”

Five girl group, Kara, is planning on sweeping another popularity with the new song, “Same Heart”

The song ‘Same Heart’ was produced by the same producer who made ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Honey. Once again, Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo producer were able to produce a music that fits perfectly with Kara’s lively and cute image, while making the music very addictive.

Because ‘Same Heart’ is the theme song for ‘I-Musician’, fans will be able to listen to the song not only on music sites, but also throughout the game.

In addition, the teaser music video will is planned to be released on June 2nd.

Mnet Media that produced ‘I-Musician’s’ theme song, said, “The song complements the singers perfectly. This is because the song was produced by the producers who know Kara extremely well. We are anticipating for the song to become this summer’s greatest hit.”

The teaser for ‘Same Heart’ will be out on June 2nd, and the full music will be released on June 4th.

Cant wait for the MV!


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