Kyu Jong returns to “God of Cookery, Expedition”, Yeong Hyeon joins GCE MC

kyu jong

Yeong Hyeong, Jeong Joon-ha, Kim Shin Young explore food together, becoming the new MCs for MBC Drama Net’s “God of Cookery Expedition”, with their first appearance broadcasting on the 5th.

(not translated…)

On the other hand, today’s “God of Cookery Expedition” also had the participation of SS501’s member Kim Kyu Jong, who used to appear as the youngest MC and was absent for the past month. He enjoyed abalone dishes with the members and spent an enjoyable hour.

MBC Drama Net’s “God of Cookery Expedition” that showcases the new MC Yeong Hyeon and Kim Kyu Jong’s energy will be aired at 6pm on the 5th.

On the other hand, Kim Kyu Jong who left due to a busy schedule returned to “God of Cookery Expedition” after 1 month, and acted out a scene from American sitcom “Sex and the City” together with Kim Shin Young, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Yeong Hyeong said, “As an idol singer, such a straightforward and clever performance is shocking.”

Credits: korea yahoo news + SS601 + (Chinese translation) redcat111 @ + (English translation) SS5014ever @


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