JYP’s version of Big Mama? A new power vocal girl group to debut

wonder girls

JYP Entertainment will aim to make another WonderGirls legend with a new group.

A JYP representative said on 4th June, “Currently we are preparing to debut a 3-member vocal girl group. But we have not come up with plans for the group. But we are aiming for them to debut this year, and they will surprise everyone with their talents and capabilities.”

According to the representative, they are focusing on the girl group image and their great singing capabilities as their ‘weapons’ to dominate the girl group realm in Kpop.

The group name has yet been decided, but they have come up with several possibly concepts for the group and doing some fine-tuning on the details for their debut.

With the WonderGirls legend that made, all eyes are on this next girl group from JYP.

Here’s the rumoured list of members for Cube Entertainment’s upcoming boy group –

1. AJ
2. Yang Yo Seom
3. XING ex-member Poppin Dragon Yong Joon Hyung
4. Yoon Doo Joon (eliminated from 2PM and 2AM)
5. Jang Hyun Seung (eliminated from Big Bang)


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