Who is Korean’s Edison Chen- 140 sexually explicit photo

Who is Korea’s Edison Chen?

140 sexually explicit photos appeared on various websites in Korea two days ago.

These photos showed couples of both the opposite sex and same sex kissing and petting. They also flashed their chest and private parts, and held beer bottles with their breasts.

The explicit photos were taken in a nightclub in Seoul.

This rapidly became a hot topic in Korea because of the appearance of two well-known male artistes in the photos.

Suspects clarify the matter

The two artistes have been identified. One of them is a comedy actor, B, and the other, A, is a member of a band.

After the photo scandal erupted, A could not be contacted and B’s agency explained that they were just posing for photos with their fans.

When the explicit photos were circulated online, netizens engaged in a heated discussion regarding the identities of the two males in the photos. The few suspected artistes immediately clarified the matter through their agencies.

Rapper Bbaek Ga of popular Korean hip hop group “Koyote” was a suspect as well. He expressed through his agency that the man in the photo was definitely not him, although the way they dressed was rather similar.

source: asiaone

LOl… not again…


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