WonderGirls American debut song English version of ‘Nobody’ to be released on 27th June

wonder girls

Wonder Girls will move on with the plans of their American debut.

The girls who had been confirmed to be the performing guests to Jonas Brothers‘ World Tour 2009, will be releasing a digital single on 27th June. And from 27th June all the way till mid August, they will be performing for the opening show to Jonas Brothers‘ World Tour concert. They will be performing the songs ‘Nobody’ and ‘Tell Me’ for the concert. And they will be performing the English versions to the songs.

One of the American staff said, ‘The song ‘Nobody’ is a great charming song for listeners of all ages from whatever nationality. Not only is the song perfect, the choreography is perfect.”

“The girls will debut with their own charms and not having to transform into the other American artistes.” Park Jin Young will be the producer to the girls’ American debut, and unlike the other artistes trying to hit into the American market, he did not work with American producers for the girls’ debut.

And it is said that the WonderGirls will release their American official debut album in September-October. The album will have songs written and composed by Jonas Brothers. The girls will also work with the Jonas Brothers to come up with a electronic house number.

Source: Kbite

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for their Nobody!


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