Lee Si Young can act, dance, and now she SINGS?

Lee Si Young

Lee Si Young, who became famous for her short role in Boys Over Flower has shown us all that she is capable of acting. During her role as JunJin’s wife on “We Got Married”, she has shown us that she is one heck of a good dancer as well. Both her acting and dancing skills was once again proved by JunJin’s music video for “Hey Ya” which featured both her talents.

While JunJin’s music video told the story from his point of view, Beige’s new music video for “Gee Gee Ree” tells it from Lee Si Young’s point of view. While we thought we had seen enough of this girl from dramas, variety shows, reality shows, commercials, to music videos, she surprised us once again by showing us that she can sing. Hear me, she is not the best singer out there, but she is definitely not the worst. Beige, who became famous as a contender on the star survival show, “Showvival”, made this comeback in 2 years and many fans who were anticipating her performance might have been disappointed. Lee Si Young however, lit up the stage and garnered attention for both herself and Beige through this performance.

Credit: All-kpop

WOW! She really can sing!!!


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