2NE1 Wants to Become Like Big Bang Sunbae, The Group That Keeps Developing


2NE1, the YG’s main anticipation. They are known as the “Female Big Bang” and have already been receiving great anticipation and concern from the public before their debut.

On the 17th, 2NE1’s Inkigayo first broadcasting stage was hold under the attention of hundred plus fans, with the exceptional treatment by giving 6 minutes long for this rookie stage, they had presented a luxury performance. However, this first time of 6 minutes is just as long and far away as 60 years to 2NE1.

“We were really nervous during the first broadcasting. But with the supports from the fans, we became calmer. Although there are a lot of deficiencies, we can present the color of 2NE1 well if we work hard”.

However, there are mixture of anticipation and worries for the first broadcasting. Even so, the sight from public towards 2NE1 is still affirming and moderate.

Although 2NE1 is just newly formed not long ago, but Park Bom (25), Sandara Park (25), CL (18), Gong Min Ji (15) has known each other since trainee period, thus they understand each other better than anyone. Although it is not the relationship that can see through each other with just one glimpse, but they have the same opinion toward the music direction of 2NE1.

So, what are the music that 2NE1 wants to pursue? They answered together “We pursue for Hip-Hop music”. In 2NE1, Park Bom and Sandara Park is having the post as main vocal, CL as the rapper, Gong Min Ji is responsible for the dancing and performing, and they are working hard to affirm the color of the group.

2NE1 stated that they will be emitting the neutral charm for the moment.

“It’s more comfortable by presenting the neutral image. We are also very easy-going, we don’t act cute or pretending either. Hip-Hop music is quite match with the neutral image. But we won’t keep emphasizing the neutral image. The mini album that is going to release in June will have some cute and sexy music and performance added into it.”

The title song of 2NE1’s single ‘FIRE’ is having a rich African atmosphere with the beat of hitting instruments and also the mixture of Hip-Hop Synce and Indian instruments that give out the rich reggae style. It gives you the different feelings when you listen to it due to this mixture of multi-styles. 1TYM’s Teddy is the music producer while Big Bang’s G-Dragon has gave them advices in music concept decision and clothing concept. G-Dragon lent his accessories to Sandara Park and has great expectation toward 2NE1.

“You can’t become a fatty with one feed. Our pathway still has long way to go. ‘Female Big Bang’ that said by the public is also representing their concern toward us, thus we feel that it is rather a support than a burden. We never think of becoming the group that can surpass Big Bang sunbae, but we want to become the group like Big Bang sunbae that keeps developing.

News source: Asia Economy
Translation: ming^ming@ ygsecret21.com


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