2PM JaeBum, “I had signed a irrelevant autograph for a fan because I needed to go to the toilet urgently”

Popular group 2PM’s leader JaeBum talked about one of the most impressionable moments as a singer.

He was on KBS Star Golden Bell aired on 6th June when he revealed, “A while back, we had a fansigning at JamSil. In the midst of the fansigning, I felt that I need to go to the toilet urgently but with the fans coming up for signing continuously I couldn’t go. But I thought I had to endure it because if I go to the toilet, more fans will come and it would’nt be good.”

He followed, “So in the end, I endured all the way till the fansigning was over. And there was one last fan left. With that mood of endurement I was in, I added a P/S under my autograph ‘I really need to go to the toilet urgently. So sorry’.”

They also talked about an incident where member JunSu had ripped his pants on stage. JunSu said, “I remember I was dancing a power dance, and my pants were ripping. After the dance, I had to run down the stage covering the part which was ripping.” causing a ripple of laughter in the audience.

source: kbites

the fan must feel very lucky


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