BoA To Have An Interview On EXTRA


After announcing next single, “Energetic”, off her 1st U.S. album ‘BoA’ at VMA Japan with Sean Garrett, BoA has even more news for us! According to her Official MySpace bulletin, BoA will have an interview broadcasted on NBC’s Extra on Saturday at 3PM PST and Sunday 12:35AM PST.

“Hi USA! I will be on Extra this wknd [weekend]. Check out [your] local NBC channel. Airing in LA Sat 3pm & Sun 12:35am [PST].”

Check here for your local listing on NBC and make sure to catch BoA on your television! Extra has already uploaded a video of a never-seen-before full rehearsal of “Look Who’s Talking”. Just go to Extra TV’s video section and click on “Watch BoA’s Raw Rehearsal”.

It seems that BoA is finally “Energetic” and on the move with some major events in place. Not only will being on Extra give her a boost for her U.S. takeover, performing live at the San Francisco Pride 2009 in front of thousands of people will definitely allow people to recognize her talent as an artist. Since BoA signed up with one the top talent agency in the U.S., CAA, they have paved and cleaned the road for her entry in the U.S.

Other Korean singers and actors have also tried to make their way into the U.S. industry this year, such as Wonder Girls, Se7en, Rain (“Speed Racer”, “Ninja Assassin”), Daniel Henney (“X-Men: Wolverine”), Byung Hun Lee (“G.I. Joe”), and Joon Park (“DragonBall Evolution”). Wonder Girls, surprisingly, have already been signed up with CAA since October of 2008. As a result, they are the opening act of the Jonas Brothers concert tour this year and will have their U.S. album release after the tour, which has songs written by the Jonas Brothers themselves. Now that BoA is with CAA, what kind of “hook-ups” can we anticipate BoA to have in the future? Maybe a little Justin Timberlake?

The U.S. is now the new battlefield for the three top Korean entertainment companies. Who will make it first in the U.S.? YG Entertainment with Se7en? JYP Entertainment with Wonder Girls? Or SM Entertainment with BoA?


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