Lee Jung Hyun’s Vogue Girl and Crazy in sticky situation

We have heard of music videos or songs being banned because of explicit lyrics or overly sexy scenes. Former techno queen, Lee Jung Hyun or now known as AVA (she picked AVA because it sounded nice and Lee Jung Hyun was hard to pronounce in America) made her comeback recently with her 8th album, Avaholic. It was announced today that her songs from the album, Vogue Girl and Crazy have found themselves in a sticky situation with the 3 major tv stations.

Vogue Girl was deemed unsuitable for broadcast because the title was the same as the name of an overseas fashion publication (there’s a localized version too). MBC had ruled that it was a case of sublimal/subtle advertising, prohibiting it from being broadcast. Kind of ridiculous but AVA Entertainment has moved swiftly to rename the song as Vogue It Girl instead to end the whole issue. Initial copies of the album with Vogue Girl will still be available for sale but future reprints will see the song titled as Vogue It Girl instead. AVA Entertainment also expressed that Vogue Girl references in the song lyric would be amended, re-recorded before being included in the new album version.

AVA’s title song, Crazy has also find itself in a tight spot, with the music video being deemed unsuitable for broadcast by all 3 tv stations. They expressed that the 100 dancers in the music video which was filmed in America, wasn’t appropriate as they only wore their undergarments while dancing, and it was kind of suggestive.


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