Lee Min Ho wants to do another contemporary drama

lee min ho

That’s what he said in regards to his next project, according to an interview with MBC Section TV. He was asked about what kind of projects he wants to do in the future, and his answer was, “I want to try to do a trendy drama for one more time.” This answer drew a lot of attention from viewers.

Since Lee Min Ho is still young, with his own charm he wants to try again to work in a trendy drama like “Boys Over Flowers.” Lee Min Ho said playfully, that as the successor of “Shinhwa Group”, the conglomerate son, Gu Jun Pyo wishes to venture the business. His witty answer combined with friendly laughter as he looked around shyly.

As Lee Min Ho got a lot of support and love from the audience as Gu Jun Pyo, he realized this kind of role doesn’t come anytime. It’s the kind of role that can turn an actor into stardom quickly.
Yesterday, Lee Min Ho underwent a knee surgery to remove the metal rod in his knee. And according to his management, the surgery went really well and now he’s taking some time off to rest and to stabilize his health.

Then after taking a well-deserved break, Lee Min Ho will celebrate his birthday with fans on June 21 at Seoul’s Grand Park, Dom Art Hall as he resumes his activity in this fanmeeting.

can’t w8 for min ho’s next project.. i wish him more success and good health…
get well soon lee min ho!


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