Solbi wrote a song for her ex-boyfriend

Solbi revealed the story behind her song, “[You] Will Be Punished” on June 7’s broadcast of MBC Quiz to Change the World.

She said that the song was written as she thought about her ex-boyfriend. Two years ago, Solbi’s boyfriend cheated on her with another celebrity, despite the fact that he and Solbi loved one another.

She admitted that although she doesn’t feel hatred when she bumps into her ex once in awhile, she doesn’t wish him well either.

MC Kim Gu Ra added that he once did a program with the guy in question. The ex is apparently someone that everyone is familiar with.

Regarding her next album, Solbi made the studio laugh by saying, “When I did dance music, I was spoken ill of (insulted) a little more directly but now that I’m doing ballads, I think people don’t even care anymore. So I’m planning to just [go back to] dance for my next album.”

Credit: KPculture

Oh… SO sad that her bf cheated her….


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