Bigbang is an energizer’ Going back and forth between Japan and Korea

big bang

Popular group Bigbang is spending their busy days showing off their physical strength/fitness.

On the 4th Bigbang came back to Korea for a music video shoot and went back to Japan on the 8th. On this day, they had a radio and TV program interview scheduled so they jumped on the plane to Japan with no rest in between.

Bigbang is coming back to Korea on the 11th to shoot the CF for one of the products they are modeling for. After this shoot is finished then they are planning on going back to Japan again to focus on their overseas promotions.

Bigbang ended their activities in Korea early this year after their concert, and has recently started their activities in Japan. Bigbang had signed a contract with Universal Music Japan and stayed in Japan since the end of May to capture the attention of the Japan major music field. However, they still have some CF shoots booked back in Korea so they’re in a situation that they have to go back and forth between Korea and Japan for thier schedules.

On the coming 24th Bigbang is releasing their single ‘My Heaven’.

Translated by Beau @ bbvipz

wow big bang is working hard cant wait for them to release a new album one of my favorite male korean groups


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