Jung Hyung Don Getting Married for Real!

It was announced today that Jung Hyung Don, after experiencing 2 make-believe marriages on MBC We Got Married, will be getting married for real this time in 3 months time.

The lucky bride is none other than Han Yu Ra, and no big surprise really, after it was revealed in April that they have already been dating since October 2008.

A representative from TN Entertainment revealed to the media that the 2 had met while working on SBS Mystery Commando last year and proceeded into a dating relationship. They have already gotten the blessings from their respective families in May and will be tying the knot on 12th September. The representative added, “The date has been confirmed but they have not started preparations for it yet. Jung Hyung Don himself has expressed that he will take full advice from his wife-to-be on how to go about making their wedding ceremony to be an unforgettable memory for them both.”

This has been an eventful week for Infinity Challenge members, after Noh Hong Chul was revealed to be in a dating relationship with Jang Yoon Jung just days earlier. Jeon Jun Ha had revealed earlier in March that he was currently dating an air stewardess. With Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo already married, it means that JunJin is the only member who hasn’t found (?) his partner and yet to serve the army also.


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