Five Would-be Horror Queens Introduced

Viewers will soon be able to see the fifth part of the movie series “Whispering Corridors,” which began in 1998.

The series has gained popularity so far for producing many top actresses, such as Kim Kyu-ri, Choi Kang-hee, Park Jin-hee, Kim Min-seon, Park Ye-jin, Lee Young-jin, Kong Hyo-jin, Song Ji-hyo, Park Han-byeol, Cho An, Kim Ok-bin, Seo Ji-hye, Chae Ye-rin and this time Chang Kyung-ah, 22, Sohn Eun-seo, 23, Oh Yeon-seo, 22, Yoo Shin-ae, 21, and Song Min-jung, 22.

We met with the five soon-to-be horror stars ahead of the movie’s opening, expecting to see them nervous and excited. But their sassiness made them appear confident. Chang Kyung-ah, who plays the ghost “Eonju,” says part five of the series is the most frightening and entertaining to see, and that she looks forward to its premiere without feeling nervous whatsoever.

Sohn Eun-seo, the oldest among the five, said confidently that though it is inevitable for all five of them to feel great pressure because of the movie’s quality reputation that has been established by previous actresses, they also did their best and likewise would want to make the younger actresses who will appear in parts six and seven feel pressure. Oh Yeon-seo, who plays a pretty and diligent girl from a rich family, added that the five have yet to see the movie.

The five actresses were selected through an audition to which 5,545 people applied. The first and second rounds were held hastily because of the deluge of applicants, whereas in the third round 17 finalists competed fiercely to receive the best roles. The contestants were told to read a short script and pick the best candidates for the five leading roles. The task left everyone feeling edgy and extremely nervous.

Yoo Shin-ae, who plays Jung-eon, the youngest sister of Eonju, is the youngest among the five but she wanted to portray a ghost. That’s why she allocated teenage candidates to the role of Jung-eon, but was eventually picked to play the role herself. Yoo said, “I asked one of my close friends who was auditioning with me not to pick me for the role of Jung-eon. So at first I was disappointed when I was told to play Jung-eon. But I grew to like my character after discussing it with the director. I wanted to play Eonju because I only read the part in which she was still alive, but later I learned that many applicants picked me for the role of Eonju. It’s sad that I have to look like a zombie, but after drawing so much blood on my face, my baby-like image has gradually turned cold.”

Song Min-jung, whose real-life personality and her character in the movie are most upbeat, says she also wanted to play a ghost, since it’s a horror movie, but after reading the script she was horrified by the excessive blood in the movie. She said, “My character, Eun-young, is the most upbeat and cheerful in the movie, but she was also abused by her father. She is thrown into panic after seeing a ghost. After reading the script, I told everyone that I’m the only one who can portray this character.”

Sohn Eun-seo, who also appears in the movie “If You Were Me,” plays So-yi, who feels guilty about the suicide of her close friend. Sohn says she initially wanted to play Yoo-jin, whereas Oh Yeon-seo, who took the role, says she wanted to play So-yi. Oh, who–counter to her refined looks–likes meat, says that in the third round the audition was held after lunch. She said, “In the morning, we had an athletic competition, and enjoyed plenty of snacks. But then we were given three pages of scripts to memorize over lunch. Other applicants were so preoccupied with the script that they skipped the meal. But I was mesmerized by the roast pork in front of my eyes and just ate it instead of memorizing the script.”

The five actresses have so far appeared briefly on TV and in movies, and some major in acting. Like the previous actresses who rose to stardom after appearing in “Whispering Corridors,” these aspiring actresses have all it takes to gain recognition.


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