V.O.S joins the hallyu wave

Group V.O.S will officially begin their overseas promotion in China with a fan meeting on June 12th and concert at ‘Yun-gil College’ on the 13th.

This will be the trio’s first overseas concert after their showcase in Shanghai two years ago. For the upcoming concert, V.O.S will perform their new track, ‘In Trouble’ as well as 15 other songs. Already, The trio has performed at over 100 concerts in Korea and proved their staying power and talent. So, winning over the hearts of those in China shouldn’t be so big of a stretch. After their promotional activities in China are over, the group plans on holding another concert in Japan some time in August.

V.O.S’s new track, ‘In Trouble’ has garnered a lot of attention since the day it was released (and is actually a great track to sing at the norae-bang). Here’s a recent clip of the boys singing ‘In Trouble’ at Sweet Sorrow’s Ten Ten Club radio program. Choi Hyun-joon never fails to impress with his vocals and it’s amazing how Park Ji-hun can hit those high notes (around the 2:57 mark).

Check it out:


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