Yuri voted one of Korea’s 9 hottest women


Kwon Yuri was recently featured on a list entitled “The 9 hottest Korean Women” on the popular social-trend website Complex.com.
Yuri was featured alongside other Korean actresses and models such as Lee Hyori and Jeon Ji Hyun. She was voted #6 on the list. Her description reads as follows:

#6. KWON YU-RI CLAIM TO FAME: We got love for Sooyoung, Tiffany, and the other girls of SNSD, but when it comes to “hot,” there’s no contest. Check the perfect form in the backshot above, which proves what you should already know: waist-to-a** ratio trumps all.

This marks the 3rd appearance of SNSD members on Complex.com site. The first was last year in an article called “Korean Pop’s 5 Hottest Girl Groups”. Their second article, entitled “Meet Korea’s 9 Girl Pop Super Group was published when “Gee” made its debut. The article featured individual profiles on each member, along with the “Gee” music video.

source: soshifield.com/forum


2 Responses

  1. shes very pretty so im not surprised. nice singing too although i didnt understand a word 🙂

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