Soshi To Make A Second Comeback of 2009?

Girls' Generation

Rumors of Girls’ Generation’s soon to be comeback has been everywhere! First with a rumored comeback schedule, rumored music video filming and more!

June 19: Teaser
June 22: Song Release
June 27: Come Back Stage on MuCore

It has only been a few months since the girls have wrapped up their ‘Gee‘ promotions and they’re back so soon?

Netizens have been very observant of the girls lately.

Firstly, members Seohyun, Sunny and Sooyoung have been sporting headwear during recent performances, leading netizens to believe they had dyed their hair in order for the new concept. Tiffany’s new and brighter hair color on Music Core brought about curiosity as well. Also along the topic of hair, yesterday, Sooyoung filmed SBS variety show BoongUhPang (Fish Bread) where her mom and sister were also featured. Witnesses say Sooyoung cut her hair short and are also saying that Tiffany will as well, just like her debut days!

A recent music video shoot had been confirmed by Tiffany on Jeon Hyun Mu’s Freeway Radio, where Tiffany called in during a break from the music video shoot to talk to her “The Blue” seniors who were guests on the radio.

In addition to all of this, Wonder Girls’ stylist, Lee Euna, is the rumored new stylist and her first job was the girls’ Hollywood Bowl outfits. This news seems to be true as on Lee Euna’s cyworld, she posted up pictures of the girls. And on the new Hahaha campaign pictures she wrote “The first Hahaha outfit didn’t go perfectly with the campaign so I tried this new one.”

The album cover was shot on the 5th and you can see the makeup in the Dongyang College Festival from the same day.

SNSD at Dongyang

And finally, a Cinderella Man staff member supposedly heard the girls’ new song. Although it’s not certain if it is the comeback title song or not, the song sounded like a pop song.

Looks like its pretty clear that the girls will be making a comeback soon. As a S♡ne, I’m personally very excited. How about you?

Credits to Soy and bossa747 @ and silis7noy @ soompi

Yeah!!!!!! I hope it will be a real comeback!!! Yahoo!!!!!


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