4Minute is ‘Hot Issue’ – winning #1 on music charts 1 day into debut

HyunA group’ 4Minute’s debut song ‘Hot Issue’ full song and MV teaser video revealed yesterday have indeed proved to be ‘Hot Issue’.

On 15th June, with the reveal, the song ‘Hot Issue’ also went up #1 on Mnet daily chart marking the group’s first #1. Other than that, they song also went up to the top rankings on other music sites.

Seeing the teaser video, fans go, “4Minute big hit!”, “Looking forward to their debut stage”, “I’m so excited that HyunA is back”, “The song is really good” etc.

Meanwhile the girls will have their 1st performance on 18th June on Mnet M!Countdown.


One Response

  1. Congrats to them. I’m so into this song my first time listening to it. The lyrics is right on to those anti who already blame them for same concept as their oh so special girl group 2NE1 which I don’t think 2NE1 will get anywhere with only girl fans.
    This 4minute will gain popularity soon with the guys following their every move. And with the unique name of 4minute without the “s” meaning “for a minute” which I don’t consider needing the “s” will make it big. Finally a different entertainment taken over!

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