Seo In Young admits, “I used to hide my feelings from the other Jewelry members”

Singer Seo In Young revealed that she used to conceal herself from other past Jewelry members on KBS 2TV Entertainment Weekly’ aired on 20th June.

She said, “I just to conceal myself from the other Jewelry members in the past. I feel that I lived by without thinking because I was jealous of the other members. If only I have tell myself to stop and think through about things, i believe I would have develop as a singer faster.”

And about the title of ’sexy singer’, she said, “I hope that everyone would not call me that. It’s not that it is very rustic. But when I’m dancing, I cannot be wearing clothes that are covering too much. But I hope everyone will see this with an open mind.”

She also revealed, “My last relationship ended a year back”.

She ended with, “I don’t have the time to look back myself. In the future, I hope to be the shinsang (new product) singer to everyone. I want to be the singer who can sing well.”

source: kbites

Aw… That is so sad….


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  1. Interesting post! Thanks for sharing this.

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