Lee Min Ho’s first fan meeting

Lee Min Ho


Lee Min Ho celebrated his 22 birthday with 4,500 fans at his first fan meeting on 21 June at Dome Art Hall, Children’s Grand Park in Seoul. The party was called Minoz Happy Day mini-concert (미노즈 해피데이 미니 콘서트). “Minoz” (미노즈) is the name of Min-ho’s newly created fan club!

The fan meeting marks his first public appearance after his recent knee surgery. The first thing Min-ho said when he came on stage was to greet his fans with “I’ve missed you so much. The surgery was a success and as you can see, I have recovered from it.”

Fans got to meet and interact with their beloved star and Min-ho’s friends also made a special appearance at the meeting. As a special surprise for fans, Min-ho introduced them to his mother.

First up, Lee Min-ho received gifts from his fans and opened some of the presents. Min-ho distributed baby plums to his fans. They happily accepted and Min-ho ate a couple of those juicy plumbs while he opened his birthday gifts.

At one point, Min-ho introduced his mother and fans greeted her with a loud applause. Special guests who were at Min-ho’s fan meeting were Kim Hyun-joong and Kim Joon (and T-MAX). And as mentioned earlier, K.will also made an appearance and sang a song. Kim Bum apologized for his absence (due to a busy schedule) via a video clip he pre-recorded earlier.

The star of Boys Before Flowers sang the song My Everything (F4 Special Edition album) for his fans. Min-ho thanked K.will for helping him with the song.

At the end of the meeting, Min-ho read a letter he prepared to his fans. He read the contents of the letter with a shaky, emotional voice. Min-ho obviously really treasures his fans and is awfully pleased to finally have enough fans to form his own fan club.

Because of the huge number of fans, two meetings were held. One at 1pm and another at 4:30pm. Fans from Korea, Japan and Taiwan attended Lee Min-ho’s very first fan meeting.

Youtube links:
Min-ho singing My Everything : Session 1 | Session 2
Min-ho sings for his fans
Kim Hyun Joong performs his solo “Please Be Nice To Me”

Sources: SPN, Newsen, StarNews
Credit: Kpopped!
wow!Lee Min Ho!..haha..
so many fans..
and F3 is so sweet..hehe..even if Kim Bum isn’t there..he sent along a video message wishing Lee Min Ho a happy birthday…wahhhh
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE MIN HO…wish you the best..<333


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