Big Bang’s Japanese dormitory revealed

Big Bang’s Japanese dormitory gets revealed.

On the 24th June, the boys released their debut single ‘My Heaven’ and in the morning they also appeared on Mezamashi TV programme. On the programme, Big Bang was introduced as ‘Korea’s Best Aritste’ and they also talked about the group’s debut single just released.

On the show, they also revealed Big Bang’s dormitory in Japan. TaeYang, “This is the first time we are revealing our dormitory on TV.” feeling a little embarrassed. In the apartment, many CD, comics, figurines etc can be seen.

DaeSung and TaeYang had also started reading Japanese comics like ‘One Piece’ and ‘20th Century Youth’ to help them learn Japanese. While for SeungRi he showed the Japanese CD collection that he has, “I listen to Japanese music and also follow the dance, that way I learn too.”

While for GDragon he showed his collection of photos of Japanese actress Aoi Yu. He said, “He said for once that I am a fan of Aoi Yu, and a fan sent a collection of photos.” He was also asked which is his favourite photo and he replied, “I like all”.


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