Outsider #1 on Mnet music chart for 2nd week, 4Minute’s debut song at #4

Outsider’s ‘Alone’ has been on #1 position on Mnet Chart for the 2nd week consecutive.
This is for the results of Mnet music chart for the 3rd week of June.

The song has fend off competition from other singers like SHINee, Super Junior, V.O.S and 2NE1 to stay at #1 for the 2nd week through.

8eight’s song ‘Goodbye My Love’ has also risen up 10 positions from #12 to be at #2. While SHINee’s ‘Juliette’ is #3 up on the chart for 5 weeks.

Newcomer group 4Minute is also #4 with their debut song ‘Hot Issue’. For the download charts, the song ‘Alone’ is also #1.

2PM’s 2nd hit ‘I Hate You’ has risen up 12 positions to be at #5 on the chart. While Lee Seung Gi’s comeback song ‘Will You Marry Me’ is #14 for its 1st week on the chart, and it is #5 on the download char

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