> Who did SNSD choose as the most envied member?, Thursday June 25, 2009 Korea


“I envy Taeyeon’s singing ability and her conversational skill”

‘Who do you envy the most?’

The question was asked to the 9 members of SNSD to see if they sometimes envy each other when they work together. SNSD moaned saying, “This is too hard to answer” but chose one member in a serious manner. Taeyeon was chosen as the only one to receive 2 votes. Maknae, Seohyun gave her reason and said “I want to have her amazing singing talents that bring me the the goose bumps.”Sooyoung said, “Even if she is sincere, I admire her witty talk” and pointed Taeyeon’s strength.

However, the real chosen Taeyeon pointed out maknae, Seohyun saying “Because of her outstanding piano skills, her ability to express depressed or happy feelings by playing the piano is just outstanding.” Yoona chose unni, Yuri who is 1 year older than her saying “I envy her dancing abilities to catch the others attention through her attractiveness.” Jessica too made her decision based on dance talents and immediately chose Hyoyeon explaining that she is the best at dancing.

On the other hand, Hyoyeon thought of Sooyoung as she made her decision based on the leader of the entertainment programs. Hyoyeon said, “You can’t catch up to Sooyoung’s great conversational skill in front of the camera”. Yuri continued, “Her sociability is outstanding”. Tiffany chose Sunny saying “She makes good decisions in a situation and I find her attractive, even as a girl.” Last but not least, Sunny chose Yoona and explained, “She is able to show both sides of her talent as an actress and as a singer.”

Source: Yahoo Korea
Translated by: blingbling9@soshified.com

wow…the members really do love each other… i find that touching and they realize how each member has their own spotlight…
i hope they continue to love one another not just as a co-member but also as a real sibling that is close to their hearts…


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