KBS Music Bank Accident Much More Severe Than First Reported

Initial news reports over the collapse of KBS Music Bank’s lighting structure and SHINee leader Onew’s subsequent fainting understated the chaos and severity of the whole debacle.

Netizens are suspecting that KBS is trying to keep their endangerment of our favorite pop stars on the down low, but in the Internet era, constricting information on a public event is a near-impossibility. Fancams which show the extent of the accident are starting to pop up, with fans of all groups appalled at the music show’s lack of care for their dangerously large equipment.

The video depicts that the equipment did in fact fall all the way to ground level, possibly endangering both staff and our favorite stars. We can see that the performers were directly involved in the incident by the photo above (one can spot Super Junior’s Yesung and Sungmin, amongst others), and in the videos below.’

Notes from the videos:
[0:30 bottom video] We can see Onew limping around in the encore due to his injured ankle from the “Juliette” performance.
[1:00 top] [1:08 bottom] Though we cannot see the light falling directly, we can infer that the light fixture began to fall somewhere around here, from the fans’ screams and the flurry of pop stars running from the light.
[1:31 top] [1:28 bottom] We catch a glimpse of staff holding up the perilously unstable light fixture.
[1:31 bottom] Onew is clearly woozy, leaning lifelessly on his manager. Netizens are suspecting that his injured ankle, the screaming fans, the chaos of the falling structure, and the overall overworked schedule of a K-pop star all contributed to his fainting.
[2:20 bottom] SHINee’s manager carries the fainted Onew off the stage.

Fortunately, other than Onew (who is stable and resting), nobody was hospitalized. But the potential danger from a falling light structure, coupled with KBS’s immediate attempt to cover up the entire incident, is very disconcerting for all K-pop fans. Hopefully this near-disaster serves as a wake-up call to music shows and music companies, who should ensure the safety of their staff and stars.

Credit: Allkpop

I remeber hearing about this on youtube. It’s so sad! so heart breaking ! Both Sungmin and Onew was hurt on Music Bank >< Onew man ! Almost made me cry! He doesn’t look alive ! So cute how SJ’s leader, LeeTeuk, runs over to check on Onew <33


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  1. thanks for sharing.. i was keep wondering what happened, and who else got injured…

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