2PM to release first overseas album


2PM will release an official album in Thailand leading the ‘Thailand Korean wave’.

2PM will release a ‘2PM Thailand Special Edition’ which will include 2 CDs with songs from their 1st single ‘Hottest time of the day’ and their new single ‘2:00PM Time for Change’ together with a DVD containing the group’s MV.

The DVD will include the MVs ‘10 points out of 10′ and ‘Again & Again’ which had both taken the boys up to the #1 spot on Thailand MTV and Channel V chart.

Recently 2PM member Nich Khun has also been in the limelight for doing CF modelling in Thailand.

2PM talked about releasing an album in Thailand, “We are very excited to release an overseas album, it is even more exciting that we are releasing in Thailand where we have won 3 #1s on their charts this year. We are looking forward to meeting our fans in Thailand for our promotions there.”

Meanwhile the boys are promoting their latest hit ‘I Hate You’.

Credit: Kbite

They will releases their album in Thailand only??? T_T


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  1. If you want the 2PM album released in Thailand. Then I can send you a copied.

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