Model Lee SoRa, “If I’m 10 years younger, I would have gone after Kim Hyun Joong”


Model Lee Sora has showned her special affection for SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong.

She was on MBC ‘Come to play’ aired on 13th July where she was asked “If you are 10 years younger, who do you want to go after?” and she has chosen SS501 Kim Hyun Joong.

She said, “I recently attended an event where SS501 was there too. I wanted to see Kim Hyun Joong much and I even went around asking where he was in the dressing room.”

“But he was not in the dressing room. But I met SS501 in the hallway where we chatted happily with the staff, but Kim Hyun Joong was not there. In the end I only saw him on stage singing and after that the event ended.”

She continued, “But on our way back to Seoul, we spotted the car that SS501 was in. In a rush, I told my manager, ‘Follow them!’.” causing laughter in the audience.
source: kbites

Everybody love Kim~


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