2PM, what exactly is Wild Bunny?


After 2 big hits, Again&again and I hate you, 2PM comes back with new project. New program of 2PM called Wild Bunny, which is under the production of cable channel Mnet, has spread all over the internet bulletin boards and 2PM fan café.

After some parts of scripts was leaked, the producers have launched a teaser through the internet which received many interests and inquiries about the detail and formation. Kim Tae Eun who was also a producer of “Junjin’s 4 school girls ” ”I know it YO!” ” Flower Boys Terror” said that Wild Bunny is a sitcom. Excluded Chansung, this will be a challenge for 2PM members who have no acting experiences to show their full-blown acting skills.

Although the pilot is scheduled to be 1st broadcast on July 21 , the regular segment is still undefined. The producer said “2PM will show different looks”

Additional info : Even if it’s said to be showed on July 21, there’s possibility to change

Credit: Kor-Eng by Muize@2pm-online.com
SOURCE: Newsen StarToday

Yeah! I’m so excited! We’ll get to see them, even after their break ❤ The teaser was great! I wonder how well the members can act?


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