TOHOSHINKI’s Concert Has Been Praised by Japanese Artists


Popular Japan female singer Suzuki Nae and teen star Yukihiro Takiguchi confessed their love to Tohoshinki in their own blog.

Yukihiro Takiguchi wrote on his blog, “I attended Tohoshinki’s performance at Tokyo Dome. In fact, I should say that I really like them.”

“The songs are good and they have good personalities. And on the top of that, JUNSU’s gag is really funny,”

“I found a great pleasure while was watching Tohoshinki’s performances. It was such great voice and beautiful dance.” Finally he put the last sentence to wrap up everything, “Tohoshinki is the best!”

Yukihiro Takiguchi had just left from all singing activities of his group Nachural and Pure Boys, debuted as actor in “Water Boys 2″ and acted in some dramas such as “How to Create a Perfect Prince”, “Gokusen 3″, and “Tokyo Ghost Trip”.

The former member of idol group AKB48, Suzuki Nae also wrote on her blog on July 4th about her thrilled experience watching Tohoshinki’s concert at Tokyo Dome.

Displaying her photo wearing Tohoshinki’s T-Shirt, she said “I watched the July 4th concert, and I was really impressed.”

“The voice, dance, and MC part, they did it all completely.

I was also impressed with the red light pen which everyone turned on when the 5 members appeared. My tears seemed to come out.”

“They have a strong image in their live and very good dance. I really respect them for that.”

“I want to be like Tohoshinki, artists with humble personality.”

Suzuki Nae was belonged to 48, splitted group from AKB48. She’s a Japan idol who recently has been enjoying limelight and big popularity. Right now Suzuki is preparing for her solo debut after leaving AKB48.

source: Newsen
trans: sharingyoochu

Well, they deserve every praise they get.
I would die to be on one of their shows.
It’s great to see other artists acknowledge their talent too.

They have openened the door for other Korean artists in Japan
and I hope they do as well as TVXQ has done in the past few years


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