Super Junior And TVXQ To Act In A Movie?


According to the papers, Super Junior will be starring in a movie, and the plot revolves around life in the city. The 13 members will be able to fully present their acting skills, so appearing in this movie is a big opportunity for Super Junior. Although TVXQ is said to be guest-starring in the movie out of friendship, their parts in it are not small either.

Question: So who exactly will be starring in this movie?
Answer: It’s confidential

TVXQ and Super Junior’s popularity today, has far exceed that of when they first debuted, and this movie might raise the status of their groups to be even higher.

Currently, everyone is highly anticipating this movie in which Super Junior and 2 members of TVXQ will participate in.

OMG tell me this is not just a rumour! that would be awesome! and guest starring DBSK? wow, it would sure be a box office! but i just hope the script will be a bit better this time cuz Attack On The Pin Up Boys was…well, let’s face it, it was quite disappointing.

and i do hope that this time all the boys will have the same amount of participation in the movie unlike last time when more than half of them only appeared for less than 1 minute. although i find it hard to have a good storyline that could fit all 13 of them in it. but let’s see…if these news turn out to be true, that is.


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