Korean music experts disappointed with the success of Infinity Challenge mini-album

MBC released a mini-album this past week where all 7 songs from the Infinity Challenge Olympic Duet Song Festival were included and sales have so far exceeded 30k. Songs have also hit all the major charts in Korea with some like Let’s Dance and Naengmyun. But the huge success of this mini-album have also led to music experts slamming the hastily put together album and their disappointment at it doing extremely well in sales, and was an insult to the Korean music industry.

Their main complaint was the ridiculously short time it took to put the album together and the impressive sales volume which simply doesn’t make any sense. According to sources, the average time it took to compose each song on the mini-album was only a hour. Take the song Naengmyun for example which was performed by MyungCaDrive (Park Myung Soo, SNSD’s Jessica), it took E-Tribe just 30 minutes to write and compose the entire song. Recording the song took only 1.5 hours while the most amount of time was spent in learning the dance chereography which also amounted to less than 2 days. A simple calculation meant that all the songs, from composing to learning the dance cheoreography was completed in less than 10 days, a sharp contrast with singers who usually take 2 to 3 months time to come out with an album.

And what’s even more surprising is that the mini-album has already sold in excess of 30k copies in less that a week and reflects badly on other singers who painstakingly comes out with albums but yet do miserably in the sales department.

Korea’s mass culture critic, Kang Tae Gyu compared the overall sales volume of Wonder Girls’ Tell Me mini-album which sold around 40k copies against the Infinity Challenge Olympic Duet Song mini-album which has already sold 30k copies in less than a week and said, “The huge success of the Infinity Challenge mini-album is kind of like an insult to the present Korean music industry. No matter how much effort or hard work you put into producing an album, as long as you promote it on a popular variety show or become a popular search term on portal sites, the album would sell very well. This is a crushing blow to many of those who wants to make music and it seems like, you have to know the tricks of promotion to get good sales volume. The sales volume is not dependant anymore on how hard the singer works behind the scenes.”

Credit: Kbite

I think it sold well because there were good singers and composers who backed the tracks up. There were also famous tv personalities.

And it’s such a shame that they are whining about it.


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