Girls’ Generation: 9 Individual Feminine Charms – ‘Even Beautiful Handwriting~’

‘My stories can be written in Girls’ Generation font?’

There is now a typing font that replicates the personalities of Girls’ Generation.

The Girls’ Generation font presents a digitized adaption of each of the 9 girls’ writing along with imagery of their individual charms. Thus, there are 9 different fonts to choose from. These diverse and cute character icons of the girls were a hidden surprise that made it even more special. On the 21st, the font was publically released on Cyworld, where it received a good response.

On another note, the ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ mini album is particularly attractive for its decoratively ‘linked’ imagery of the girls. The ‘menu’ style book of the mini album also adds to this attractiveness.

Cyworld plan on continuing with their ‘Cool down with Girls’ Generation Summer Event’ until the 17th of next month. The buyers of the new font will be able to enter a raffle where they have the chance to win a signed ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ CD and poster.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ is currently sweeping through the various music charts as the top song.
Source: KyungJe Today
Translation: chris2I40 @

Awww… very cute font!


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