Comeback For Lee Hyori and Ivy!

It has been publicly announced that sexy icons Lee Hyori and Ivy may be making a comeback as singers as early as this October.

I thought Hyori said she wasn’t coming back until 2010. But hey, who the hell is complaining?

M-Net Media officials have stated, “For now, it has been decided that Hyori’s 4th full album will be released in October.” But unfortunately for you Hyori fans, that’s all M-Net has revealed.

Ivy has said that she would make a comeback in November or December. It’s been 2 years and a sex scandal since Ivy released her last record. There is no further news about this comeback either.

I wonder what their next concept will be? “U-Go-Girl” was very different compared to what Hyori did in the past so I hope she can surprise us again. And as for Ivy, we haven’t seen her since 2007 so she has got to be coming back with a fire.

The battle for sexy queen in the latter half of 2009 is about to begin. But this match up isn’t an unfamiliar one. In early 2007, Hyori released her single album “Toc Toc Toc” while Ivy released her 2nd full length album with the single “Sonata of Temptation”.


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