A dance music cause the whole world to imitate “Nobody”

Wonder Girls interpreted this dance into a saucy and sexy dance.

Most shocking: Filipino inmates’ version

Most well-received: Burly chaps disguising as females version

Most accurate: White-collar office men version

This summer, what is the most popular dance? Of course it isn’t the “hands-on-hips solar eclipse dance”, but a dance from Korea. From the dance professionals’ point of view, this song is simple, childish, and its popularity is ridiculous. However, this song is so popular that the dance covers include videos from security guards, prosecutors, salespersons, white collar workers, undergraduates and even Filipino inmates! Their covers are so hilarious and well-received that it is spreading quickly across the internet.

World’s simplest dance
In the song “Nobody”, five girls use some simple body language to portray sauciness and cuteness at its best. Netizens revealed that a lot of the dance moves originated from Korean comedy serials, similar to the female lead’s actions, especially the climax of “I want nobody,nobody but you”, has been labeled by netizens as a “classic”. The five girls “timidly” point both their index fingers to the front, expressing obvious cuteness, making everyone lose self-control and follow the dance.

The reason why it is so popular around the world, according to what netizens think, is because “Nobody” is easy to understand and learn. From the beginning to the end, one will not leave his/her original position, only moving around 1 metre square of floor space. The dance moves mainly involves the legs, hips and fingers, hardly using the head. They only raise their legs for a while, move below their waists and shake their arms.

Hundreds of inmates dancing, well-received throughout the world
If you want to know how many people in the world are mimicing “Nobody”, simply type “Nobody covers” and similar words in search engines, and there will be countless results. Well-known video uploading website, Youtube, has more than 3000 video covers, including those from security guards, prosecutors, salespersons, junior high school students etc.

The funny thing is that, among all the covers such as singing or dancing, the best come from males. Especially the Filipino inmates version, more than hundred people are dressed in orange-red overalls, standing in the wide field swaying along to the music. According to sources, this cover has managed to get into a Korean television station’s top 5 hottest news.

This dance wave has also spread to many universities within the country, and through video streams, “Nobody” has become a staple in countless schools’ graduation night.

Transformers dancing to Nobody
In Shanghai, a 27 year old man by the name of Xu Dan produced his own version of Transformers’ stopmotion Nobody dance before the movie opening.

During May this year, he unintentionally saw on the internet that Shanghai had a sales of “Transformers 2″ genuine figurines event. At 7.30PM that night, he arrived early at the venue, but saw more than 100 people in the queue. After queuing for a night, Xu Dan finally bought what he wanted, “Optimus Prime”. Immediately, Xu Dan bought 3 genuine Transformers figurines. Xu Dan took out his camera and started snapping pictures of his prized toys. “Taking photographs alone isn’t enough, how about making a video?” In the end, he decided on Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”.

To produce “stopmotion” frame animation effects, Xu Dan adjusted 4 of his Transformers figurines’ positions according to the MV, and then took photographs frame by frame. For the next few days, Xu Dan used softwares such as “Audition” and “VideoStudio” to compile and edit the music and video. A “StopMotion animation” is finally done.

In this video clip, the 4 Transformers figurines are just like copies of the Wonder Girls, although the actions are inevitably stiff, but it seems like such a thing really happened. What Xu Dan did not expect, was that when his stopmotion animation was uploaded to video streaming website Youku, the number of views reached over 10,000 in a night.

Source: music.yule.sohu.com + wonderfulsworld
translation: huixianloves @ wgspectacle

so many ppl know this song now, its so cool.


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